Meet The POETS

Robert Louis Stevenson (Scottish, 1850-1894)
Rosamund Marriott Watson (English, 1860-1911)
Henry Kendall (Australian, 1839-1882)
Richard Garnett (English, 1835-1906)

Depicted above are the four poets whose work has been incorporated into For Those in Peril. The poems and brief excerpts are listed below. (Click on the name above to go to the WikiPedia article for that poet.)

Scene 3 (Narrator) from Stevenson’s The Light-Keeper 
This is his country’s guardian,
The outmost sentry of peace,
This is the man
Who gives up what is lovely in living
For the means to live.

Scene 8 (Narrator) from Watson’s A Midnight Harvest
What are the white gulls crying
Above the ripened corn?
“O, harvest will be over
Before the morrow’s morn…”

Scene 12 (Whiteside and Williams) from Kendall’s God Help Our Men At Sea
The wild night comes like an owl to its lair,
The black clouds follow fast,
And the sun-gleams die, and the lightnings glare,
And the ships go heaving past, past, past—
The ships go heaving past!

Prologue (Narrator) from Garnett’s The Even-star
First-born and final relic of the night,
I dwell aloof in dim immensity;
The grey sky sparkles with my fairy light;
I mix among the dancers of the sea;
Yet stoop not from the throne I must retain
High o’er the silver sources of the rain.


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